Environment and Sustainability

Rees Flooring Ltd are committed to minimising the environmental impacts of our business and maximising the opportunities for continuously improving our environmental performance.

To advance our process and in light of the growing problem of unsubstantiated supplier green claims (greenwash / green-bling), our company has introduced ReesCycle. Products supplied under ReesCycle will be audited and tested to ensure:

published claims are real
LCA (life cycle analysis) where possible
end-of-life procedures are published and are usable
Our scheme will Include factory visits to provider facilities and in-turn, to their raw material component suppliers to ensure compliance and certification

We aim to ensure that we not only satisfy legal requirements, but also match or exceed good environmental practice in our industry sector.

We will achieve this through:

Measuring our carbon footprint and taking actions to offset this through established programmes.
Sourcing Eco-Friendly and ethically produced materials, where our contracts allow.
Recycling waste where possible.
Seeking to minimise our emissions to the atmosphere and noise in the working environment,
Ensuring that we only use power and energy that is required for our activities.
Segregating waste as appropriate and disposing of in accordance with regulation.
Complying with our client requirements.
Integration of environmental requirements in our company management system.
For most Rees Flooring projects our clients dictate the materials that we use, however, where we are able to identify environmentally friendly and sustainable products we will do this and attempt to influence client selections. When we purchase timber products we insist on evidence of FSC Chain of Custody supplier, and will not source products from suppliers who cannot demonstrate this.

We aim to continually improve our environmental performance, and awareness of environmental issues, taking advice where relevant and appropriate to the activities we undertake.

We will communicate this policy and our requirements to our staff and ensure that they are provided with the skills and support to effectively implement our requirements. We will monitor delivery of this policy and report performance to our board.

We aim to achieve progress by monitoring manufacturing processes for advances in ‘environmentally friendly’ products. Clients will be advised of new developments as they become apparent.

We will work in unison with the manufacturers of materials relevant to our activities, to minimise environmental impact of all the operations specifically addressed. Also, to minimise our emissions, whenever we win a project we calculate how many delivery drops we need to make and where possible carry ‘out one stop’ shopping to reduce deliveries to site.